Parce que chaque projet digital a ses particularités, notre
expertise dans le domaine du digital se décline en 6 pôles.
Because each digital project is unique,
our expertise covers 6 different areas.



In addition to the technological expertise, Netisse is first and foremost, a consulting company.  Thanks to our approved experience and methodology, we can give life to all of your projects, whatever activity field you are in. We participate actively in your project‘s specifications providing advices to achieve success. Our teams are involved in your project throughout the entire lifespan.  Netisse is also able to maintain and host your digital projects, a guarantee of an enhanced monitoring and a better reactivity.


From smartphones to tablets, from PCs to TVs, the tactile, technology of touch is now everywhere.

Interactive screens are deeply involved in sale process and generate an important turnover.

This is why the companies do not hesitate to invest in this technology that seems to have a bright future ahead.

In this context, Netisse initiative is being taken to put in place a true ConsUser* experience. To address specific needs of such projects, Netisse relies on relevant and open technologies (Symfony, Angular JS,…).

*ConsUser = contraction du terme Consumer  et User *



The quality of a site has a major impact on its visibility, attractiveness and consequently on clients’ needs. That is why Netisse provides all the know-how and expertise to realize enhanced websites. In order to provide you with a customized website we will support you from the very beginning to allow you to efficiently respond to the future needs of your business. In addition, Netisse is able to adapt to technical specificities and constraints of different projects accomplished for small and big companies on various technologies LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), but also on the most popular CMS (Drupal, WordPress, …).


As technology is continuously evolving and internet getting a leading role, it is obvious that the traditional commerce is changing and uses e-commerce more than ever. Being an expert in the area of e-commerce, Netisse offers a large range of functionalities related to the site itself and to its administration. You will take advantage of a customized follow up, one of our main strengths.

We will support you throughout the process of creation: Audit & Benchmark, technology selection, visual design, development, sites’ launch, performance follow up, maintenance and hosting.



Facebook creation led to the emergence of the social networks and literally revolutionized the internet users’ behavior.

Companies have quickly realized the fundamental necessity of visibility on the social networks to increase customers’ loyalty.

Companies show growing interest towards networks such as Facebook & Twitter, no matter the business line is. This is why Netisse supports and guides you to achieve the targeted visibility on the networks (Persona Branding).  We will go through your network strategy together and will take in charge various interventions on your behalf.

intranet AND extranet

Intranet/Extranet solutions enables structuring information sources between different actors minimizing errors of poor information flow.

As truly effective Information system and a communication feature, Intranet/Extranet is a powerful organizational system that facilitates the knowledge engineering (sharing information among different actors of the company) and optimized management of information flow within a company or between several partners.

Netisse had been able to demonstrate its capacity to manage issues of data security for several customers (corporate, banking, healthcare…) to ensure security in sensitive data management.