ADIAC, Agence d’Information d’Afrique Centrale, is an African agency with an information platform and a daily paper that chronicles the news of Gongo 6 days per week.
This region generated an important diaspora in the world, ADIAC decided to increase the visibility and to reach for additional readers, the paper version was available only in Gongo Brazzaville and in RDC.



Netisse has entirely developed and conceived the corporate site of the company.

Development under multi-site platform, the solution offers a various range of innovative features.

In addition to paper version, the readers can consult the magazine in electronic version thanks to integrated reading tool.

The readers can also consult the most viewed articles and share on Facebook. They can consult older publications using the archives available online.


The site offers real time information feed, a search tool and multi-criteria filters.


In addition, the platform offers a back office that allows the journalists to publish the articles directly online before printing them out. The back office offers the DMS and a workflow of validation for the publications.