To address trust crisis & drop of bank agencies visit rate, Credit Agricole has put in place a program for renewing branches design and deployed a digital solution to welcome his customers


Our Solution

The Welcome Touch Screen is an interactive screen device that manages clients visits. The solution offers benefits to both visitors and the bank branches.

From a visitor perspective, the Welcome touch manages the waiting time to better assess the visitors needs before the meeting, and save time during his interaction with the bank branch.

For the bank branch, the solution enables visitor data collection, build a relevant client database, and ease the clients’ requirements assessment while guiding the client according to his visit target.


This new approach showed great success for welcoming and guiding clients as well as managing and monitoring for the bank advisors. This successful idea was adopted by an important number of Credit Agricole branches.


The Welcome Touch Screen can be easily adapted to any area where welcoming and guiding client is a priority.