A new legal text regarding crowdfunding is brought into force in 2014, boosts the expansion of crowdfunding in France.
From now on, private individuals are able to invest up to 1000 euros with interests into real-estate projects. follows the trend and becomes one of the first sites of real-estate crowd-funding in France.


OUR SOLUTION is a secure online platform dedicated to real-estate projects financing, open to individuals and companies.


The platform is able to manage:


  • Donations to finance the initial contribution
  • Donations or loans (interests free or interest bearing) that finance 100% of the credit (in substitution of credit loans)


The platform developed under Drupal and Open source, and offers the following features:


  • Establishing lender/ borrower relationship
  • Management of loans and donations, Straight-line or in-fine depreciation, schedulers generation
  • Automatic generation of contracts
  • Delay penalty management
  • Early redemption
  • Interface MangoPay
  • Interface CreditSafe